The Lymphatic Code

Although the lymphatic system is as extensive as the body’s cardiovascular system, it performs many more functions. Yet medical school curricula typically include less than an hour of instruction about this quintessential system.

The explosion of lymphatic research in the last decade has revealed that a healthy lymphatic system is necessary for optimal human health. With this new book, Leslyn Keith, a leading expert on lymphatic health, explains in clear detail why this body system is so important, and coaches both lay people and medical professionals on how to make optimal lifestyle choices to maintain a healthy, fully functioning lymphatic system.

The Lymphatic Code also concisely covers chronic lymphatic diseases such as lymphedema and lipedema and how best to treat them. The ketogenic diet advocated by Dr. Keith will give sufferers the best chance to minimize the pain and inconvenience of their disorders, and her clear explanation will help readers implement the diet with ease.

The Lymphatic Code is a groundbreaking book that will enhance everyone’s understanding and appreciation of the lymphatic system. Dr. Keith has an engaging and accessible way of writing that readers from all paths can appreciate. Once you understand the lymphatic system’s importance in good health, you’ll want to buy copies of The Lymphatic Code for your physician and therapists!

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"The lymphatic system plays a vital, yet underappreciated, role in inflammation, immune function and general health. Dr. Keith has written an excellent book that explains normal and abnormal lymphatic function, with practical advice on what to do if you have lymphedema or lipedema. I highly recommend this book!"

Eric C. Westman, MD MHS, Director, Duke Keto Medicine Clinic, Author, End Your Carb Confusion

“Dr. Leslyn Keith’s new book, The Lymphatic Code, is brilliant! Though the lymphatic system is a major component of health and illness, it has been unfortunately neglected by the medical system. Dr. Keith’s thorough yet simplified explanation of the lymphatic system, how it works, and what can help its optimum functioning lays the groundwork for ways to enhance one’s health. Combining research with clinical experience, she lays out what you need to know to enhance treatment options for lymphatic disorders with nutritional solutions. Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Dr. Keith understands the lymphatic system and related disorders more than well enough. The Lymphatic Code presents complex information clearly and simply for immediate application for those ready to transform their disease states to healthy living. It’s groundbreaking in this field of study.”

—Catherine Seo, PhD, Founder & CEO, The Lipedema Project, Lipedema Simplified

“Being asked to write a review of this book is truly an honor.  Not just because I support and believe in all the information in this book, but because I also believe in Leslyn.  You will see as you read this book that she is trying to provide the patient the newest and most detailed information about the lymphatic system in a manner that is easy to understand and apply. She explains how a ketogenic lifestyle will truly improve a person’s health. What I have learned and want you as a reader to understand is “the patient” to Leslyn is a friend, not just someone she treats.  Leslyn truly cares and wants to see everyone living a healthy, happy life creating good memories.  She understands how and where the traditional treatments for lymphedema fail and leave her patients hopelessly struggling, embarrassed, in pain and often owning the blame for this failure.  She has witnessed how the ketogenic lifestyle turns everything around for her patients, giving them hope, building their confidence, and allowing them to become participants rather than spectators in the creation of memories with their friends and families. By allowing me to participate in life again, the ketogenic lifestyle has been of great benefit to me personally, and I encourage everyone to read this book and join me!  Thank you Leslyn, for being there for me all these years and being my beacon of hope when I felt discouraged and alone in my fight.  You are truly a wonderful person, and I am blessed to have you as a friend.”  

—Kelly Bell, LT

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