Diet for Lymphedema

     The idea of using diet for lymphedema therapy is rapidly gaining ground, and the Ketogenic Solution for Lymphatic Disorders book was written to help those with lymphatic disorders implement a ketogenic diet as an effective treatment. Dr. Keith has extensive experience in helping her patients lose weight and dramatically reduce lymphatic swelling by showing them how to switch their standard diet to a low-carb, high-fat way of eating. Her methods and the results of a 2017 study she published in which she and her colleagues showed the positive effect the diet had on treatment outcomes are included in the book.

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“Dr. Leslyn Keith’s first book, The Ketogenic Diet for Lymphatic Disorders, is such an important resource in my office, that I keep complimentary copies available for every client.  My lymphedema clients who implement its principles noticeably improve in limb volume, tissue inflammation, and body composition.  Dr. Keith’s latest book, The Lymphatic Code, will certainly do for the general public, what her first book did for my lymphatically challenged clients.  The Lymphatic Code maps out the benefits of the Ketogenic lifestyle including food choices, movement patterns, and relaxation techniques in an easy to read and implement format.  I personally use these ketogenic principles in my own life to optimize health and healing.  I can’t wait to offer The Lymphatic Code to my clients so they may do the same.”

—Michelle Sanderson, CMT, CLT

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