Lymphatic Lifestyle Solutions:
Ketogenic Lymphedema Treatment

     The Lymphatic Lifestyle Solutions (LLS) ketogenic lymphedema treatment program is a weight management program which can help your clients better manage their weight and lymphedema. The Low-Carbohydrate High-Fat methods used in my program are evidence-based and scientifically proven. LLS is a fully developed program and allows a clinician to “hit the ground running” with a plan designed to provide successful and proven results for their clients with lymphatic and obesity related issues.

     The LLS package you will receive includes all materials needed to run a professional weight-loss program recommended for up to 25 participants per group, with no limit to how many groups may be offered at a time.  

     Weekly courses are fully developed and the program incorporates handouts, PowerPoint presentations, suggested testing and evaluation materials, and instructions. The course is divided into 12 modules. The Lymphatic Lifestyle Solutions components include:

  • Participant Course Manual, complete with presentation pages, exercises, handouts and resources
  • Leader Course Manual, complete with Lesson Plans for each module, all participant worksheets and handouts, along with suggested assessments and marketing materials
  • Electronic copies of the presentation files for 12 modules and all components of Participant and Leader Manuals in electronic format.
  • Print copy of my book The Ketogenic Solution for Lymphatic Disorders.

Here's a selection of the presentations provided for the twelve weekly meeting topics:

  • Introduction to Lifestyle Modification and Healthy Eating
  • Eating for Health and Weight Loss
  • Prevention/Management of Chronic Medical Conditions
  • Physical Activity and Exercise
  • Stress Management
  • Life Balance and Time Management
  • Planning for Sustained Change

If you have questions about the LLS ketogenic lymphedema treatment program, or need more information about implementing the program in your practice, please contact Leslyn Keith at:

(805) 748-6519

Add this Effective Ketogenic Lymphedema Treatment Program to Your Practice!

The Lymphatic Lifestyle Solutions Program:   $699.00


     Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the electronic files. The printed Leader manual, Participant manual and a copy of my book, The Ketogenic Solution for Lymphatic Disorders will be mailed to the address you provide as well.  In addition, I offer personal support in helping you implement the program in your practice.  The purchase process is secured by Paypal, the most trusted name in online purchasing. 

The Lymphatic Lifestyle Solutions ketogenic lymphedema treatment program has been developed by Leslyn Keith, OTD, CLT-LANA, an occupational therapist treating patients who have lymphatic disorders, on the central coast of California over the past 20 years. Dr. Keith is a certified lymphedema therapist specializing in obesity-related lymphedema and other chronic weight-related conditions. She is nationally certified by the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA) and is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association. She obtained her doctorate in occupational therapy at the University of Utah.

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